Welcome to the Doolittle Farm’s online market where you can purchase local products from the convenience of your home!

Easy access to local food.
Visit the “Market” where you will find listings of pastured beef, lamb, eggs, honey and local baked goods.
Many of you are patiently waiting for the pastured poultry – we are expecting this will be added to the Market in late June or early July.

Our farmers, growers and bakers are from Shoreham or the surrounding communities. Our food is raised with pastured, organic and/or natural practices. Browse “Our Growers” and become acquainted.


With Doolittle Farm Locally Grown you are in control; choose how often, how much and from whom. A weekly email with a list of available products will be emailed out and, as an account holder, you will be able to place an order from the convenience of your own home.
This is how it works:
1 – Each Thursday or Friday a list of available products is sent to our account holders.
2 – Each customer places an order by the following Monday on the “Market” page; this page lists the available products with prices and descriptions.
3 – The farmers and bakers will receive your orders.
4 – The farmers and bakers will deliver your order to Doolittle Farm (or, for CSA members, starting on June 16th Golden Russett).

Picking Up

Golden Russet CSA add-on (Lamphan Bay Road, Shoreham, VT): If you are a member of the Golden Russet CSA you may opt to pick up your order with your vegetables. This option is open only to Golden Russet CSA members and will begin on June 16th.

Doolittle Farm (Doolittle Road, Shoreham, VT): Families can pick up on Friday and Saturday.

If the above does not work for you we may able to offer other pick up points.
Need more clarification? Email Bay Hammond at bkhammond@shoreham.net